Daddy , Why won’t he call or act like he’s even interested …… and I’ve given him all of me??

June 23rd, 2010

My precious daughter this is not a one line answer, so be attentive to what I am telling you.

Allah has given you many precious gifts and one of the most precious gifts is your body. First, I would prefer that you follow the Word of God and not practice the act of procreation until you are married to the Godly man who is on the path to find you. But because it seems as though you have not "waited", let me break it down for you.

You are a delicate creature and you feel from the inside... The source of your feelings come from within, hence your genetic make up. A males genetic make up deems that his feelings are generated on the outside. (his phallic member extends from his body and feels great when it is touched). When you receive him vaginally and he enters your realm, he leaves his essence inside of you...... hence, even after he is no longer inside of you, you are still "feeling" him. But on the flip side once he pulls out of you .... he is no longer feeling you. (This is that non-caring male who ran game)

With this being said you must be very careful with whom you share yourself with. The best option is waiting till married (with daddy deeming him worthy of my princess), next option is celibacy. Become that virtuous woman as your mother is and they're will be a time and place for those things that you are attempting to rush. Daddy loves you.