Dear son

March 14th, 2013

My son..... I am so sorry for feeding into the worldy foolishness of letting you think its ok to listen to songs that are derogatory to your mother, sisters, grandmother, aunts and cousins. I apologize for not standing strong and allowing my ego to distract me from your spiritual growth. Oh yes I was your coach, you intellectual teacher, the joke cracker and the fun dad. But I realize that by not building you spiritually, I fed right into Shaitan's (satans) plan for you. Yes I taught you how to pray and the origins of your name but I did not instruct you of the hearts desire to grow a love relationship with The Creator. I am in tears because I have provided for your physical, mental and emotional but I have left you spiritually bankrupt. I beg your forgiveness and pray that you are receptive to the journey that I will now take you on. A journey to receive heavenly blessings not man made. Our legacy begins today with you. I will empower you with that which gives power and sustenance beyond the realm of the world you know. I love you son.